Safe TT

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  • Frame length: standard 4ft, custom design available
  • Climate class: 3 (75F/60% RH)
  • Colors: black (RAL 9005), gray (RAL 7004)
  • Closure system: self-closing using gravity hinges
  • Lighting: optional LEDs 3000K-4000K
  • Visibility up to 100%
  • Doors effortlessly open, allowing for easy access to products and seamless collection of products
  • Maximum Transparency provides crystal-clear viewing of products
  • Superior insulation insures to contain temperature consistency throughout the display to guarantee extra-fresh products
  • Self-closing door allows for energy saving
  • Stylish stainless steel door handles
  • Closed surface insures energy saving and long shelf life of all products
  • Excellent viewing access for food and drink items such as juices, milks, eggs, meats, and many more items
  • Surface durability protects from wear and tear
  • Easy to clean

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