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REflection With (Mit) ISolation” or REMIS

The Remis Story – A revolutionary pioneer in the industry!

Mr. Isfort (engineer for climatization and cooling technology) started to manufacture his product idea of “radiation-reflecting roller blinds” for freezers in a garage in 1975. This meant that the freezers were closed overnight and weekend to save energy with a “night curtain” referred to as RemiGard.

With this product idea, as well as with the “low temp doors”, Mr. Isfort and REMIS were the first to produce and sell these products in Europe.

In the 1990’s only Freezer Cabinets were closed, with medium temp cabinets being covered with curtains during non-operating hours or mono-glass (uninsulated doors) in Europe with most in North America open cabinets with no covering. In 1996 Remis introduced low energy glass coating and started to retrofit medium temp cabinets with energy free doors which was new to the European market. Remis doors had a new design with small frames versus solid massive frames which were known from low-temp doors, which had begun in some cases to be used in medium temp applications. Retrofitting glass doors and covers to cabinets and islands for energy savings without heating had not taken place previously.

In 2006 Remis introduced the first sliding doors for vertical furniture, medium height fixtures (REMIglas Curve/REMIglas ShapeFlex).

In 2009 a Joint Venture was established in the United States, and in 2013 The Marco Company became a partner in Remis America LLC, so that Remis products could be manufactured and sold throughout the North American market.

In 2012 Remis introduced a new Total Display Area Door for maximum visibility, and Remis has filed a Patent application for the Transparent Spacer door, which we refer to as our Flex Door.

Through our strategic partnership, future new evolutionary products will be transitioned or jointly developed by Remis and Remis America to “Be the industry leader of merchandising and energy sustainability within food retail”.