REMIS GmbH was founded in 1974 and focuses on providing energy efficient products to the grocery industry. Nearly 50 years of design, development, construction and manufacturing experience, the company boasts having doors and case covers in thousands of stores throughout Europe and the Americas.

1974: Refrigeration and air conditioning engineer Paul Isfort started the company. REMIS stands for "REflection With Isolation".

1979: Remis began development and production of radiation-reflective roller blinds for the refrigeration industry.

2009: REMIS America, LLC joint venture was established in Elkhart, Indiana.

2011: REMIS America begin production of cooler doors for the American market.

2016: A joint venture with The Marco Company moved production, engineering and logistics to a 90,000 square-foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas. 

2019: Department of Energy Compliance on all doors.

2020: Relocated to 130,000 square foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

2021: Introduced unique differentiated FLEX Door with glass insulator.

2022: Achieved production of 750 doors per day.

2023: Introduced Slider Door to market.