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Founded in 1974 in Cologne, Germany, REMIS GmbH focuses on providing energy efficient products to the grocery industry. Now with over 50 years of construction and manufacturing experience, the company boasts having doors and case covers in over 10,000 stores throughout Europe.

1974: Paul Isfort (refrigerating and air-conditioning systems engineer) founds Ing. Ges. Paul Isfort Cologne.
1976: The company is restructured as “REMIS GmbH”. Managing Partner: Paul Isfort.
1978: Paul Isfort builds the production plant at Gronau-Epe with adjoining management offices.
1984: Plant and central office are built in Cologne, Germany.
1998/1999: Extension of plants in Cologne and Epe.
2003: REMIS moves into an 8000m management building and production hall in Gronau-Epe.
2005/2006: The company plans a 3500m production plant with oces in Cologne-Ossendorf.
2009: REMIS America, LLC joint venture is complete.

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