Martin’s Installs Case Doors

from Supermarket News

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Martin’s Super Markets here, which runs 21 stores, has installed glass doors on refrigerated cases in two stores in Elkhart, Ind. 

The chain has installed 196 feet of RemiSafe T doors and 140 feet of RemiSafe HG doors — both from Remis America — at the two stores.

The doors cut energy costs up to 80%, said Remis America. Because of the energy savings, Martin’s has been able to secure two custom rebates through Indiana utilities to help offset the cost of the doors. With the rebates factored in for both stores, the ROI is just over two years, according to Remis America. 

“Our store personnel like the way [the doors] look and function, and concerns about stocking cases through the doors have proven to be unwarranted,” said Ted Alwine, Martin’s director of engineering, in a statement. "[Customers] perceive the doors as a measure to improve product quality and integrity. And everyone has noticed the way the LED lighting makes the product pop.”