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Insulated Glass

        Double-pane insulated glass keeps refrigerators at the right temperature. Having a double-pane refrigerator door allows an air pocket to be formed between the two panels which is filled with Argon gas, a colorless and odorless gas, to improve thermal insulation efficiency of the door. Coating called Low-E coating is also applied to the glass to help control temperature. At Remis America, our insulated glass doors are double-pane or triple-pane and have Low-E coating to keep your products cold.

Remis America Double-paned Insulated glass doors information                                                   

Low-E Coating

        Low-E glass coating is a very thin coating that reflects heat by decreasing the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light (heat) that can pass through the glass so freezers and refrigerators are kept at the right temperature. During the winter months, the Low-E coating reflects heat inside the refrigerator or freezer back in, and during the summer months keeps heat out. For double-paned glass doors, Low-E coatings are put on either the inner side of the outside panel or the outer side of the inside panel to help keep the heat out. We use Low-E coating on both our refrigerator and freezer doors to keep your products cold.

Low-E Coating Graph Remis America glass doors

Anti-fog Coating

        Anti-fog coating prevents condensation from forming on glass doors. Condensation forms when the refrigerator door is opened and the cold air of the freezer hits the humidity of the room. Customers are continually opening the freezer doors throughout the day, causing a build-up of water on the glass.  Anti-fog works by spreading out the condensation into visible thin layers. The anti-fog coating is put on the inside of the glass panel. At Remis America, we use an anti-fog coating on one of our freezer door series to help prevent condensation on the glass.

Anti-Fog Coating graph by Remis America Glass doors

LED Lights

        LED lights are highly efficient lights used in refrigeration and freezer doors. LED stands for light emitting diode, and are much brighter and last longer than normal light bulbs. Efficiency is important, and LED lights are 90% more efficient than regular light bulbs, which helps users save money. Unlike regular incandescent bulbs, which use heat to light up and emit the white color you see, LED lights emit very little heat and create the white color by combining many different colors together. LED lights do not burn out at the end of its life, instead, LEDs dim slowly until it goes out. All of our refrigerator and freezer doors at Remis America come with LED lights installed on the frame, so products are displayed in perfect light.

Remis America Glass Doors with LED Lights information

Heat on the Door 

        Commercial glass freezer doors are built with heating wires on the frame of the door. The wires control the surface temperature of the glass and frame and adjust the temperature based on the humidity in the store. The higher the humidity, the more heat required to keep the door dry, while the lower the humidity, little to no heat is required to keep the door dry. Keeping the freezer door at the right temperature prevents condensation, mold, corrosion, and mildew from forming. At Remis America, around 90% of our freezer doors come with heating wires in the frame of the door to keep the doors dry and durable. 

Remis America Glass Doors with Heating wires information