Rebate Program

Remis America Glass Doors Rebates available

What is Rebate Program?

It's an incentive program to receive cash payments when you install high-efficiency Remis products to your commercial refrigeration units. It will help business customers manage energy usage, increase the energy efficiency and save money at the same time! All equipment must meet program efficiency and installation requirements.

What qualifies for rebate?

Commercial/Industrial equipment that Remis America provides will be eligible for rebates in most states, which includes refrigerators/freezers glass doors/windows, LED lighting system, sensors/controllers, etc. 


Rebates for California

In California, customers registered with Energy Smart can get a rebate of $100/linear foot for door-add projects. PG&E provides up to $150/linear foot rebate.

Rebates for Oregon

Customers in area served by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas, or Avista will be eligible for up to $200/linear foot rebate with Remis door installation projects.

Rebates for Vermont

Rebate is available only for limited time! Contact us today for more information about rebates on installing LED refrigerator and freezer case, door frame heater controls, continuous covers, door controls, etc.

Rebates for Wisconsin

Focus on Energy sm partners with utilities across Wisconsin to help businesses reduce energy waste. Rebate for retrofit open refrigerated cases with doors is $60/linear foot, LED case lighting is $20 per fixture. Contact us to see if your provider is eligible for rebate!

Rebates for Colorado

Xcel Energy provides their customers with rebates when they use energy efficient products. Rebate for replacing open multideck cases with efficient reach in cases with door is $70. Rebate for retrofitting open multideck cases with solid glass door (med temp) is $70 and (low temp) is $75. Rebates for adding LED Reach-In-Case Lighting- $40.

Rebates for Florida

JEA customers in Florida are offered rebates for using energy efficient products. When retrofitting display cases with high-efficiency doors, customers get a rebate of $75/per door.

Rebates for Ohio

AEP Ohio customers are offered rebates for using energy efficient utilities. The rebate for adding new doors on medium temperature on open refrigerated case is $250/ linear foot and the rebate to add low temperature cases is $300/foot. To add DLC LED refrigeration case lighting with doors linear foot of case customers get $12.00 per linear foot in rebates. 

Rebates for Illinois

ComEd Illinois offers customers rebates for using energy efficient utilities. Rebates for cooler display cases with doors and freezer display cases with doors are $180 per linear foot.  Special doors with low/no Anti-Sweat  Heaters on cooler display cases and Special doors with low/no Anti-Sweat Heaters on freezer display cases have a rebate of $130 per door. LED refrigeration lighting for open and close cases have a rebate $40 per door and $15 per linear foot of lamp for open cases.

Rebates for Massachusetts 

CleaResult through the Mass Save Program provides rebates for eligible customers of Massachusetts. LED down-light kit less than 25 watts for refrigeration cases is $15.

Rebates for Maryland

Energy Star provides rebates up to $150 per unit for Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerators, and rebates up to $300 per unit for Glass Door Reach-In Freezers.

Rebates for Virginia

Dominion Energy provides rebates of $70 for glass refrigeration and glass freezer doors.

 Rebates for all states are not guaranteed. The rebates shown above are only offers.

Advantages of having Remis refrigerated doors

  • Increased food safety
  • Less product temperature variation within case
  • Per unit length of case, open display cases have shwon to consume approximately 1.3 times more energy than the doored display case line-up
  • Have been shown to save 64% on energy compared to open display cases

Advantage of having Remis LED lighting system

  • Save up to 75% energy compared to incandescent lighting
  • LED lights last 25 times longer versus incandescent lighting
  • LED lights do not give off heat, which helps keep products cool