Reversing the Door Swing

1. Using a flat-head screwdriver, loosen the torque adjuster from its mount by turning the center mounting screw counter-clockwise less than one-half of a turn.

2. Remove the torque adjuster, exposing the mounting hole in the bottom frame rail.

3. Locate the mounting hole at the opposite side of the door opening.

4. Using the flat-head screwdriver, carefully pry underneath the plug cap and remove it.

5. Place the torque adjuster on the newly opened mounting hole, aligning the flanged corners of the mounting tabs

6. Insert the torque adjuster mounting tabs onto the mounting hole with the hollow end of the torque adjuster against the door frame.

7. Confirm that the mounting flanges on the bottom of the torque adjuster align with the corner mounting slots of the mounting hole in the frame.

8. Using a flat-head screwdriver, turn the torque adjuster mounting set-screw clockwise, for 1/2 a turn, to tighten the mount and lock it in place. Confirm that the torque adjuster mounting is flush with the door frame.

9. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen and remove the hold-open bolt from the top frame rail.

10. Relocate and install the hold-open shoulder bolts into the opposite hold-open mount of the same door frame.

11. Open the vertical side access to the hinge pin wire connections in the rail on the hinge side of the door assembly.

12. Disconnect the Hot, Neutral and Ground wires of the hinge pin from the heater wire circuit and the ground terminal.

13. Completely remove the hinge pin assembly from the top door rail.

14. Using a plastic mallet and a flat-head screwdriver, remove the torque rod from the bottom of the door assembly.

15. Swap placement of the Hinge Pin and Torque Rod to the other's original mounting hole in the door assembly hinge side rail.

16. Reinstall the hinge pin and the torque rod completely into the ends of the door assembly hinge rail.

17. If necessary, lightly tap on the torque rod with a plastic or rubber mallet until fully seated into the bottom of the door.

18. Reconnect the hinge in wires and confirm that all connections are secure.

19. Check and confirm torque rod and hinge pin are correctly and completely installed.

20. Reinstall the door into the frame.