Technical Adjustment Guidelines After Glass Door Install


The use of Remis insulated glass doors serve to save energy and improve the quality of goods. For optimum performance a properly functioning refrigeration system is required. Along with a properly functioning refrigeration system certain parameters must be adhered to for optimum performance.

Guidelines for setting the parameters

Due to the many different cabinet designs and control systems, only general recommendations can be given for modification. Case performance should be carefully monitored and adjusted as needed after the doors are installed.

1. Defrost Control System

    • Electrical Defrosting
    For cases with an Electrical Defrost System we recommend that the defrosting period should be activated twice a day, always at night. Essentially, the safety period should not exceed 45 minutes.
        • Natural Defrosting

      For cases with natural defrosting we recommend 2 defrosting cycle per day, always at night. The safety period should be 2 hours.

      Independent of Electrical- or natural defrosting, the defrost end temperature should be kept at the case manufacturers recommended level.

      2. Temperature Control System 

        • Maintaining the original temperature range

      The use of the Remis Insulated glass doors considerably reduces the influx of heat into the refrigerated display case.

      If the regulating thermostat temperature sensor is mounted on the air Inlet side, the temperature at the Inlet air can then be raised by up to 4°.

      If the return air regulates the temperature, there is no need to adjust this setting.

        • Reducing the original temperature range

      Simply by the Installation of Remis insulated glass doors, temperature reductions of about 4° can generally be achieved.

      If the regulating thermostat is mounted on the air inlet side, the desired temperature of the inlet air can be reduced by up to 4°.

      If the return air controls the temperature, the desired temperature of the return air can be reduced by approximately 4°.

      We recommend increasing the refrigerating capacity to reduce the temperature range by more than 4°.

      General Information In Regard to Control Technique

      Generally speaking for optimum performance of a properly functioning cooling system It Is necessary to respect the noticeable reduction of cooling required Q0 (kW) by the cooling system as consequence of the installation of Remis insulated glass doors.